Dream – Night of 2014-09-19

  • College dorm
  • ground floor
  • one entire wall is a window
  • window continues underground so that I can see the dirt and stone below, kind of like a giant ant farm.
  • snakes everywhere falling through from the grass above in front of the glass and then disappearing into the building foundation.  “I should get someone to look at that”, I think to myself.   There are copperheads and even a giant yellow python that goes on forever as it slithers by.
  • There are also channels with water from recent rains (was raining this night for real).  They go up, down, mostly at right angles, and are flowing with a stream.
  • all kinds of critters use the water channels for transport including a school of yellow fish that I see go fluttering by.

Dream – Night of 2014-09-18

Not much to report on here:

  • Went to the moon with friend from work
  • Special new kind of craft
  • A bunch of other people on it, I think it might have been a public vacation” type deal
  • On the lunar surface we come upon the remains of an alien
  • It looks like some sort of reptile, or at least it used to.
  • The body is “deflated” and all that remains are the bones underneath the spacesuit which is now hugging the bones like a ziplock hugs the food inside after being purged of air
  • The rest of the alien’s “fleshy parts” are strewn in front of the suit in what was clearly a violent explosive decompression of body through the suit.  They’re still red and pink but frozen solid.
  • We all get uneasy and crawl back through the portal into our spaceship to return home.

Dream – Night of 2014-09-10

Big Dream #1

My cousin and her husband, a musician duo, were invited to open for some Hollywood comedy awards show. The three of us arrived in Hollywood and went to the venue (one of those theaters that they do awards shows in).

They played a couple songs and then said “Thank you everybody, that’s all for us, but stick around because there’s a lot more show coming up.”

So while they go off stage I talk to Jack Black for a while, and someone else…maybe the guy that plays Ray Ramanoe’s brother. Anyway, the second act starts and it’s Teller (from Penn and Teller) and Seinfeld doing this back and forth comedy bit where one guy sets up the joke and the other finishes it.

They start off slow but start getting smoother and smoother. The back and forth jokes switch to more of the same lines said over and over. Then suddenly it starts to sound musical which is my cousin and her husband come back on stage and join in.

Haha! Surprise everyone! Crowd goes wild while the four of them play this song together.

Big Dream #2

I was up on an Island with family and my uncle was taking a bunch of people out on a boat for a joyride. My dad and I were in small dinghies down by the bow of the boat helping with the lines or something. My uncle went to nudge the stern of the boat away from the dock by using the two engines, one in reverse and one in forward, only to have the bow hit the dinghy I was in and wedge it against the dock.

I was in no danger, but this prevented the boat from rotating and it caused the stern to hit some rocks or something. The boat became disabled and floated out into some larger body of water where it became stuck in the sand and they had to wait for the Coast Guard or someone else to arrive and tow them back in.

My uncle came back while everybody else had to wait on the boat and said something like “Well if this isn’t just perfect.  What a day this has been.  Oh man.”  He then set about moving stuff around in some storage shed, probably to fashion something to help get the boat unstuck.  My dad and I found some tractors and started riding those around the pier.  Troublemakers!

Pretty cool dreams. I also had dreams that:

  • I was looking for a house in Colorado, but there were only four for sale in the entire state, and none were close to mountains.
  • I switched apartments with two friends in my apartment complex, but forgot to move almost all my stuff or tell the apartment office.
  • I recorded a song and then submitted it to some professional review site for critique. After implementing his suggestions (swapped out some chords and implemented the “Moibius Technique” whatever that is supposed to be) it sounded amazing.

Dream – Night of 2014-08-19

School bus trip with a bunch of people, driver taking weird back roads with one of them flooded, but we make it through and down another steep hill.  We finally come out of the woods we’ve been driving through to find it opens onto large swaths of soccer fields and football fields. Finally get there. Aha! It’s a high school.

We all pile off the bus and the camera switches to an interview of Andy from The Office.  Oh, I guess this dream is going to turn into an Office episode.

Andy Interview: “I pretty much led them through the whole thing, so the only thing they heard for an hour was “turn here, turn here.  So I’m, pretty sure I showed my leadership abilities there.”

Back to the first-person camera and we go sit in one of those plastic half-seats.  Something is wrong, this is not the art class/exhibit we were supposed to go see.  This room is full of high school students, leave. We see Jim in the main entryway of the school. “Hey Jim, what room are we in?”

Jim: This one.

We go back into the same room we just left.

Jim asks one of the kids: “Is this room 141?”

Apathetic kid just stares at Jim and shakes his head.

Jim: Comon…let’s go.

On the way out we see the room is “41″, not “141″

Jim: How was I supposed to know this was one of those buildings where room 101 is on the second floor?

We run up the stairs. on the way I say to Jim:

“I didn’t think that was an art class, it sounded a lot like history. I mean, I wasn’t 100% sure though, could’ve gone either way”

Jim laughs.

We are on the second floor running through a library when Jim stops as a table full of stuff. It’s all stuff donated by people for the library/school to sell. One is a large pink doll house.

Jim: Oh my god, this is my neighbor’s kid’s doll house. Cici would love this…look it’s just like my family!”  Jim fiddles with some of the play people.  “Wow, what do you say to that?”

Dwight arrives: I don’t know, how about “I’m sorry”?

Dwight tries to put Jim in a headlock but misses because Jim ducks to pick something up. Dwight tries again but misses when Jim starts to run through the library for the art show again.

Dream – Night of 2014-05-08

Joe and I were in a motorcycle race at a “super-speedway road course”. Twists and turns for 10 miles or something, but we could hold it flat out going 240mph the entire time. I pussied out on a couple corners though and let up on the gas and went on the high side of the corner.

About 2/3 of the way through the race/lap I realized I was wearing nothing but shorts, t-shirt, and no helmet. “If I wipe out right now this is not going to be good” I thought to myself.  I tried to calculate how much of my skin would be removed while I slid from 240mph to zero.  “Too late to think about that now” I say to myself and continue on.

We finish our lap and both pull into the pits. The rest of the field comes in behind us (we were #1, and #2 with Joe in first). Joe turns to me and says “I’m not gonna lie, two-hundred forty miles per hour on a bike might be a little fast even for me.” I agree and as the last of our field comes in, the second field leaves the pits for their lap.

We then all take our bikes to a field and bury them to hide them from the police. The race was “unsanctioned” and they’re looking for us. We have to wait until nightfall to come back and dig them up to get away.

Dream – Night of 2014-5-06

  • Scene opens in a strange walled city.  Everything looks run down, but you can tell that there used to be better times.  Walls are rusty with hastily-repaired steel plates, etc.
  • A young girl is fishing in a rowboat in a river.  The river is small and slow moving, and it runs through the town (you can’t see much further into town, but the river runs up and around a corner).  Downstream, the river takes another turn out of sight when it passes through two high stone walls.
  • It’s getting late, shadows are long.  An alarm bell sing and two gruffy “official” men appear.  Laughing they say, “you know the rules girl.”
  • “But I’m not across the line.” she pleads.
  • They pay no attention and begin dragging her boat downriver by grabbing it from the stone walkway which she was fishing near.  A metal gate appears from the river, rising out of the water.  She is in the other side if it, the wrong side, locked out of town.
  • She is now alone, floating slowly down the river when she lands on a beach.  Crying, she doesn’t know what to do.  An older man appears and grabs her.
  • “Come, we don’t have much time.” he says.
  • They run around the point of a stone cliff and down a hill.  There is a cave there and he pushes her in.
  • “You should be safe in here.” he says.
  • He starts attaching metal bars that snap into slots across the narrow cave “window”.  They look flimsy but he appears certain they will work.
  • After he leaves, the sun is now setting and she inspects her “home” for the night.
  • It is a narrow cave carved into the stone.  There is not much but a table built into one of the walls, a small bed with a blanket, and some strange lights that emit a faint glow from the ceiling.
  • The next day the man reappears.  He has with him a woman dressed in a black dress, the kind that goes around your head (but not quite a burqa).  The woman has with her a daughter as well, but she is even younger than Girl #1.
  • “Comon, let’s get going.” the man says.
  • They leave the cave, all four of them together, and walk out into the red and orange of landscape of sand and stone.
  • The scene changes and the group is wading through shallow water, it it only up to the man’s shins or so.  He is leading them through this large body of water.  It is not moving, so is either a very wide river, or a lake.
  • There is a flurry of motion ahead and a piece of black leathery skin emerges from the water ahead, it has itself coiled around what appears the be the corpse of a cow or goat or something.
  • Just as the man yells for them to be careful, he is taken down.  He is thrashing trying to free himself from whatever creature this is, but he is losing ground.   He is dragged out into deeper water where he disappears. They are paralyzed with fear until girl #1 yells and breaks their trance.  She grabs girl #2 in her arms and yells at the woman to run for a nearby shore.
  • The group, now one woman and two girls, run for shore nearby (why weren’t they walking there to begin with?  Who knows).
  • When they get to safety the woman falls down and three containers fall from the pockets of her dress.  They had coins in them which she is now gathering into her hands.
  • She offers them to girl #1.  Just a few pennies and what appears to be a quarter.
  • “Please, it’s all I have, but I want you to take it.  You saved our lives.”  She presses the coins into girl #1′s hands.
  • Girl #1 starts to hand them back say “no, I can’t possibly.” when she looks at one of the smaller coins. “Oh my God, this is a Perry Nino.  There were only ever five of them ever made!”  She looks over the other coins, and this one, it’s an Eldon.  He was a famous artist who was hired to make a special collection, but he was killed after only making a few of them.  Do you realize what you have here?  These are worth a fortune!”
  • The older woman is astonished.  “Before he died, my husband gave them to me.  He said they were very special but I didn’t realize.”
  • As they gather up the rest of the few coins that had fallen in the grass, they look behind them and realize that the goal of the journey they were on is over the next hill.  A “new town” full of wide streets and shiny houses.  They realize with their new-found wealth they can live long and happy lives in this paradise.

Note:  There was another part of this dream I left out because I couldn’t remember the details.  But after the guy leaves the girl in the cave that first night, another man, but younger and with long “hippy hair” arrives.  He tells the girl that this is his house (the cave) and she says sorry or something but he let’s her stay (because apparently going outside at night in this place means certain death).  Later the girl and the original man are at a store or something when “hippy hair” guy arrives.  When he sees the older guy he freaks out, they apparently know each other and have some sort of bad blood.  Hippy guy takes off running.  Someone asks the older guy “does he know about before?  About the helicopters.”

I left that part out because it didn’t make sense when I woke up, so I just skipped ahead to the “wading through the water scene”.

Also, in the dream the coins were named, but I couldn’t remember what they were, so I used this site to make some up for me:


Dream – Night of 2014-03-31

  • The scene opens with a “Movie / Film” look (i.e. a normal movie).  This is an odd detail but becomes important later.
  • Training Camp – grassy.  Walking down a paved path with superiors.  A General and some other officer walk with our narrator/camera.
  • Recruits are training in the grass on either side.  One section nearby are sparring/wrestling.  A drill Sargent runs over to one match, “Let her out of that choke hold.” he says.  “She wasn’t struggling.” the recruit replies.  “That’s because she’s dead.” the Sargent yells back.
  • We continue walking down the path.  A female recruit runs out onto the path (for some odd reason it is Jennifer Lopez playing the part).  She is joined by another training partner.
  • Narrator: “If he could catch her, maybe things would turn out different.”
  • Begin “Running Scene”
  • Through urban paths, through woods, she runs and the camera follows.  So close to catching up at points but never quite getting there.  She makes a sharp turn and begins “running” down a wide stone well.  The well is lined with what can barely be called stone steps.  Just fragments of stone sticking out of the slick walls of the well.   The only way to not slip and fall to your death is to run at a 45 degree angle and “lean into it” – these people are clearly highly-trained ninja-like warriors.  Think Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
  • At the bottom of the well it is nearly black-dark.  The two women who are now way ahead of the narrator walk up to a “curtain of blue threads”.  They stand in front of it, reach into the hanging threads, and are slowly “absorbed” into it.  Their bodies dissolve into it.
  • Scene fades to total black
  • The movie now has a cartoon animation look.  The Japanese “anime” kind with overly-large white eyes.
  • Blue highlights appear in the dark.  “What is that” we think.
  • The highlights form into faces floating in the black.  Illuminated by another faint blue light.  They drift by.
  • They have some sort of breathing apparatus on, and they appear to be asleep.
  • One is the general from the first scene.
  • Aha!  They are in suspended animation!
  • Fade to black.
  • Voice of the narrator speaks into the black:  “I woke up once to check our position, and then again to do the same.  Both times we were where we should have been.  The third time things were different…”
  • Weightless narrator “slides by” in front of the camera.  He is awake.  Color returns to the scene.  It’s a spaceship!
  • He opens “giant window” at the front of the ship to reveal a massive fleet of spaceships all jumping to hyperspace and “blinking out” in front.  They are clearly not on the same course as us.  They are jumping away nearly 90 degrees from our course.  The ships are giant, even as far away as they are we can tell that they are many thousands of feet long.  Their windows are but points of light at this distance.
  • Ahead of our ship is some super-dense cluster of stars, and possibly/probably a black hole.  We are steadily drifting towards it.
  • “What should we do?” someone asks.
  • “We have to honor our Viking roots.” says another.
  • “I agree.” – A warrior with a giant battleaxe says.
  • They all cut themselves open with their blades and open the doors to the space outside.  Their dying bodies are sucked out into the emptiness of space.
  • Fade to black.
  • Narrator:  “It’s a funny feeling.  Bleeding to death in space.”
  • Something akin to an ink blot appears in the black.  Black and red.  You realize it’s an abstract human form.  The black is the body, in a somewhat fetal position floating through a sea of red.  Every once in a while some new red burps out of the black and joins the red around it.
  • Fade to black

Dream – Night of 2014-04-08

  • Me and a group of people are in some sort of camp with a plane.  I think we’ve been here some time.  Perhaps trying to get the plane to work.
  • We take off.  I am sitting next to a girl who might be my girlfriend or something.  In any case I fall asleep leaning my head in the space between her elbow and ribs.
  • By the way, this is a plane piloted by none other than Denzel Washington (clearly a reference to FlightI).   
  • I wake up and the plane is in a vertical dive. After a while we level out and  crash-land into some sort of lagoon.  We skip across the water, as we slow the nose of the plane torpedoes under the water and for a few seconds you can see out the front cockpit windows to the shallow bottom.  There is green seaweed and stuff floating around.  It has that dark brown color of lake water stained by the tannins from leaves.
  • The plane pops back up and the plane has rotated 90 degrees left, so only the right-hand emergency door is above water.
  • Pilot pops open the door (in the world apparently that can happen).
  • We all unbuckle our seat belts as water begins rushing into the plane.
  • Soon the plane is underwater and we have to hold our breath and swim for the door.  All but a few make it out.
  • One of the ones that didn’t make it was the girl who was sitting next to me, and I keep going back to search for her.  Other people are saying “give it up dude”.
  • Then I notice I can hear Meshuggah playing.  It is very faint.
  • I start moving around trying to see where it gets louder, and finally trace it to some sand dunes maybe 100 yards from the “main camp” that is starting.
  • The girl and two others are hiding up in the reeds.  “We’re going back for the guns” they say.
  • Apparently it’s just a short walk, because soon we are walking back with the guns.  But unfortunately someone, or something, sees us.  It follows us.
  • Fast forward some unknown amount of time and we’ve actually built an entire new civilization, the crowning achievement of which is a giant tower with steps leading up to it.  The steps up to the tower are lined with coffee beans, and at the top are some narrow slits in the stone.
  • “Don’t let the coffee beans get too close!  You’ll let him out” some lady says.
  • I continue smoothing the coffee beans out so that they are flush with the steps.  I work my way to the bottom of the steps, smoothing as I go.
  • As I turn left I can see that we’ve actually built streets with shops and everything.  In my dream I think to myself “I find it highly unlikely that a plane-full of random people built this.”

Yorkshire Pudding


  • 1 Cup Flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 Cup Milk
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • 2-3 Tbsp Butter


  • Beat 2 eggs with 1.2 cup milk
  • Add sifted flour and salt
  • Mix in water
  • Beat till bubbles form
  • Melt butter in 10×10 dish in oven
  • Pour in batter
  • Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes
  • Reduce heat to 350, cook another 10-15 minutes.