Dream: Night of 2017-11-20

Dream #1:

  • Boy is being dragged by the arm by his father (or some sort of authority figure)
  • Chained to a heavy thing and thrown into a pond
  • On the way down the boy manages to free himself, but he knows it will mean death to surface right there, so he swims away underwater
  • He remembers a place he can hide
  • Almost out of breath he finally makes it to a part of the pond that the kids of the town/city know about, a place where you can surface in an air bubble under an overhang
  • He surfaces underneath the overhang
  • The hiding spot

    There are a few inches of air in this spot.  It is not quite close din and he can see out over the rest of the pond

  • He sees the upside-down mottled reflection of another man on the surface of the water peering over the edge of the pond.
  • He knows the man is looking for him
  • He thinks for sure the man will see his reflection too, but then he realizes that it is so dark in this little mini-cave that the man cannot see him.  as long as he stays quiet he should be safe.
  • The boy stays as quiet as he can
  • Eventually the man leaves, satisfied that the boy is in fact dead, still tied to the thing at the bottom of the pond
  • The boy is still scared though, and stays where he is
  • It starts to get dark
  • Bugs are crawling on his exposed shoulders from the earthen wall behind and above him (i.e. kind of like in Lord of the Rings when the Hobbits hide from the black riders)
  • The boy is finally satisfied that it is safe to exit the pond, and he is cold and shivering anyway.
  • He crawls out of the pond and finds a path that leads into the woods
  • He follows this path and comes upon a giant opening.
  • It is shaped like a colosseum.  A giant three-quarters bowl made of yellow stone.
  • Everywhere are holes and arches in the walls.
  • The boy realizes that each of these individual openings leads to a sewer drain, a street grate, or some type of drain from the city.
  • “I wonder what it’s like in here when it’s raining” the boy thinks.
  • He begins exploring, climbing up broken rocks and stuff to try to get to one of these openings
  • First tens and then hundreds of other children appear from openings all around him.
  • Tribal in looks and behavior, they start hooting and hollering.
  • “Other children who were sacrificed, or just runaways?” the boy thinks.

After this the dream did the “dream thing” and went off the rails.  All the kids broke out into song and dance like a Disney movie.

Dream #2:

  • Man is hiking through the woods
  • Has this single unwavering purpose, not even sure himself, just ‘knows’ he needs to follow this path, to go this direction, to get somewhere.
  • Ends up in a village
  • They recognize him as “the prophecy”
  • Stuff happens
  • Years go by
  • His sons leave down the same path he entered, everyone knows they will return in 60 or 70 years to start the process again.

Dream – Night of 2016-12-07

Takes place in the 80s some time in a country town.

  • Guy comes home from somewhere.  Jail / College / Army, something like that.
  • He’s always been in kind of a rowdy crowd.  He calls up his old friends to see what they’re doing.  His kid brother wants to come with him so he says ok.
  • They all meet down at some quarry overlooking a processing plant.  3 cars, 3 guys and the kid brother.
  • The third guy has this weird thing he says a lot, it’s like his catch phrase.  “Here’s to you kid” followed by something that just happened.
  • They split most of a 12 pack of beer while shooting the shit (even kid brother has one).
  • From the overlook you can see the entirety of the plant and all the machines moving stone around.  It’s nearly automated so there’s not really anyone to catch them drinking beer up on this overlook where they shouldn’t be.
  • They decide to leave and kid brother wants to ride with guy #3 – they live next door and kid brother wants to see if this guy #3’s kid brother is home (who is our kid brother’s friend and who he wants to brag to about hanging with the big guys drinking beer).  Ok, fine says big brother.
  • They all race their way out of the quarry because it’s fun on the dirt roads, you can fish tail around corners and stuff.  They are dirt roads and giant clouds of dust form which looks wicked cool but also is an advantage if you’re in the lead – not so much if you’re one of the cars behind.  Right now it’s the main character in the lead, the second car, and then the third car (with the kid brother and other guy driving) fighting to get in front of #2.
  • They go around a large corner, a small straightaway, and then are back up onto the main road.
  • Main character turns left, second car turns right, and the third car can’t be seen in the rear view.  Oh well, they must have slowed down because they couldn’t see.  He’d see them back on their home street.  He leans into the gas and accelerates onto the highway.
  • Main character gets home, takes a shower, and then is getting dressed.  He notices the other guy still hasn’t come home yet (he can see guy #3’s driveway from his bedroom window).
  • Main character calls second guy,  “Hey have you seen #3?  He’s not home yet…maybe he broke down, his car is a piece of shit you know”
  • They decide to go check.
  • It’s getting towards sunset now and they are re-tracing their path into to quarry when they see a break in the bushes and tire tracks leading to it in the dirt road.
  • They stop, get out, and walk through the bushes to emerge out on the top of a very steep hill.
  • At the bottom of the hill they see the #3’s yellow car’s taillights, trunk, and some of the roof, but the rest of the car is buried under stone, and more is slowly covering it because it had slammed into into a pile that was being built up by one of those stone conveyors.
  • They run down the hill to the car and get to the driver side first.  It is blocked from being opened, half because it is crumpled, but half because there is a large rock on the ground keeping it from opening all the way.  They move the stone and get the driver’s side open.
  • Stone chips just like the ones that are covering the car come pouring out…the inside is filled with stone. They frantically scoop with their hands but can only find a pair of feet on the driver’s seat with the legs leading towards the passenger side where the kid would have been sitting.
  • They run over to the passenger side and open that door.  This one also opens roughly but not as bad as the first one. More stone chips come pouring out and then they see the rest of guy #3’s body covering / laying on top of the kid who is still in his seat with his seat belt on.
  • Guy #3’s fingernails have stone chips embedded everywhere under them.  He had been trying to dig his way through the stone with only his hands.  His hands are raw, like he’d been digging for a long  time.  At first probably just to try to get to the door handle and get the door open, but afterwards in a vain effort to keep the ever-deepening stone away from their faces (remember, they are underneath a conveyor which is constantly pouring out more and more stone chips).
  • They see a cookie – one which kid brother had brought with him from home – and it was miraculously preserved.  It had a single bite taken out of it and was still in kid brother’s lap.
  • Big brother looks at guy #3’s face and thinks to himself it looks like he’s saying: “Here’s to you kid – I tried.”

In the actual dream it was peat moss and not stone chips but I don’t think they move peat moss on conveyor belts so I changed that, and there wasn’t beer in the dream but that seemed like a good addition.  I also couldn’t remember exactly what the “catch phrase” was that guy #3 had (i.e. “Here’s to you kid”), but I think that might be right.

Dreams – Night of 2016-08-24

Dream #1

  • Sitting in a bar waiting for friends.
  • Girl arrives and sits Indian style in the seat next to me.
  • She pulls out her phone (which I can’t see yet) and says “yeah, it’s not a flip phone”
  • I look over ans see it indeed is not a flip phone, but is also not a “smart phone”, just a mini phone about half the size of a large spice bottle.
  • I laugh and pretend to be talking like I’m talking to someone else but I’m really talking to her (the thing where you cup your hands over your mouth): “Oh my god, look at that, it’s not even a flip phone.”
  • She laughs and says “Yeah, not even a Razor”.
  • I continue, “Yeah, it’s not even a Razor….I think she’s from even farther in the past than that…or perhaps the future.”
  • Scene cuts forward to a nearly-empty bar/restaurant and we’re still talking.  I’m showing her pictures from this book I happen to have of all my travels.  I show her a picture from a pool in Las Vegas where you go down a water slide adventure and then are floated into a room that has only a couple to a few feet of water in it and explain how you could sit at a swim up bar, swim over to do some gambling, walk up to a platform where there are bathrooms, etc.

I think this could be a story about Lucid dreaming where the main character is so infatuated with the girl he meets at the bar he tries to get back to her.  He can’t, until he learns about Lucid dreaming.  He trains himself to be able to do it, and then starts reconstructing her, the scene, an entire world perhaps.  But then something bad has to happen, not sure what…maybe she starts to realize she’s not real and attempts to deconstruct the dream herself.  He of course can’t understand how this would happen because he created her…something like that.

Dream 2

  • Skiing down a mountain at nearly night, I’m the last one on the mountain.
  • Get to the bottom and get on a lift that takes you to the parking lots
  • I see a phone blinking blue LED in the snow below.
  • I get off at the mid station which is a ski rental shop.  I notice that if someone wanted they could rob the store (it is closed).
  • I walk out of the store and there are people everywhere.
  • I turn around and make my way back to the area under the lift.
  • I pay a hotel bellboy $0.25 to help me look for the phone
  • For some reason there are drunk French tourists also walking around – I realize they are walking back to the hotel where I found the bellboy
  • I find the phone which is a broken Motorola Razor (the top part of the flip has broken off)
  • Somehow (because it’s a dream world), the phone still works.
  • I walk back to the top of the parking lot and there are even more people
  • Somehow I realize that there’s about to be an attack with a “pumpkin bomb” (did I look at the phone and see their plans?
  • I see a truck drive past me on the road but realize it’s actually two
  • The second one is a contraption of two parts, one which is pulling another.
  • I realize the second one is the “pumpkin”
  • I start running away, and am almost run over by another truck.
  • I look to my left to follow the truck and see it has stopped in the road — blocking a fire truck’s access to the rest of the area.
  • BOOM
  • Fire truck can’t move



Dream(s) – Night of 2015-10-24

Dream 1
I was interviewing at a company and they gave us (many people were interviewing at the same time) giant transparent sheets with questions on them and you were supposed to sketch out your solutions on the transparency.

One of the questions went something like “Provide a mobile solution for caching geographic results on the unpolluted side of the moon.”

After staring at it for a while I realized the “unpolluted” part was a red herring but I was still perplexed as to how to answer the question.  Finally I decided that some sort of caching system would be required, or at least a “2 part lookup”.  So I went with a grid-based system where you would carve up the area into squares – this part could be stored on the device which would be better than server caching even.

The idea was first figure out which square the device was in, then you would ask the server for details for that square (and probably the 8 around it). It seems like it would work better than querying the large database for results between lat/lon points if you only have to ask for results in a grid number (which would index well)…dunno lol.

Dream 2
I was in my grandmothers kitchen with my mother using the oven to dry out a guitar neck for my dad.

It was an old gas oven that had burners on both the top and bottom.  We were using it more as a furnace than an oven, with the flames licking out at times to the wood of the guitar neck.  Too close I realized.

I went over to the oven to adjust the flame level.  We had found the guitar that the neck belonged to in the mud, and there was still some of the mud visible caked to the frets.  I turned to say something to my mother, as I did I looked out the window and realized time was running backwards outside because there were planes flying tail-first through the sky.  When a plane passed close enough to us to see I would try to point it out to my mother, but each time she turned around it would be too late, the plane would no longer be visible.

I was facing the window, and I knew that outside there were three airports, so I waited for a plane from the closest one to come into view, to “return from landing” so to speak.  One did arrive, some sort of straight-winged single engine prop plane.  I tried to call this one out too but the same thing happened, it had disappeared behind the trees before she had a chance to turn around and see it.

We decided to leave and go to a festival down the road (apparently time was running forwards again outside).  Upon arriving we ordered tacos from a taco shack. I saw something interesting and decided to try it.  It was a large roasted poblano pepper that was used as the wrapping.  This was stuffed with  chicken, cream cheese, onions and some other seasonings.  It was fantastic.

Dream 3
In another earlier dream I had arrived back to my parents’ house in Rhode Island after a long drive south and getting lost by missing an exit on 95.  I looked up at the sky and saw a satellite going through the sky, something that’s always cool to see.  Then I saw another, but it was moving much faster, at least twice as fast as the original.  For a while I pondered what altitude it would have to be at to be able to go that fast and maintain orbit.  Soon there were more and more of these fast-moving things in the sky.  Now I wondered if they weren’t satellites but some sort of meteors instead.  They didn’t disappear like a meteor though, so I was confused even more.

While still staring at the sky something new showed up, a steady stream of five “lines” of what looked like tracer fire, all moving in a straight pattern together across the sky.  i realized now that there was some sort of battle going on in space directly above earth.  Immediately after this another line of fire appeared at a ninety-degree angle to the first

Dream – Night of 2015-02-12

Many Worlds

  • This “world” is made up of many different ones that you jump to by going through portals.
  • Each portal is guarded by a different “animal” which you need to befriend and understand before you can go through the portal.
  • There is one girl who knows the entrances and exits to all the portals, but she is rarely seen.
  • One day this man is stuck in a world and doesn’t know how to exit it.  He sees a girl ride up on a horse.
  • He asks her, “How is it that you are able to ride that horse?”
  • She replies, “It’s easy, you just need to understand them.”
  • She turns the horse and begins riding towards a portal, it is guarded by horses (or had pictures of horses or something)…in any case, it’s clear it is the Horse Portal.
  • The man does not follow and she stops her horse, and turns around to speak to him again.
  • “Aren’t you going to follow?”
  • “I’m afraid not.”, he replies. “I have not yet conquered horses.”
  • “You don’t even know horses?  And, conquered?  Well, I can see why you haven’t.  You have much to learn.” She replies with a chuckle.
  • In the lake behind the man a giant water beast rises out of the water.  Its mouth is huge with tendrils of flesh hanging from it.  It looks like a slug crossed with a catfish, crossed with some sort of alien creature.
  • The beast makes an ear piercing roar as it moves towards the man who is currently halfway between the beast and the horse portal.
  • Meanwhile, the girl on the horse has a look of terror on her face.  Could it be that there is a creature she does not yet understand?  One that, given the chance, would consume her without a second thought?
  • She turns and motions her horse towards the portal to exit, but then reconsiders.  She takes a long whip-like thing from her side and with a long overhead arc like a fly fisherman, she snaps the tip of the whip at the beast.  There is a claw on the end of the whip which takes a sample of the flesh from the open mouth of the beast.
  • She then looks down at the man who is now only a few feet from death.  Trapped between this water monster and the portal that he does not know how to cross, there is nowhere for him to run to.
  • She takes pity on him and calls out, “You may ride with me through the portal. Quick! Run!”
  • He runs to her and she motions for him to get on the horse behind her.
  • With seconds to spare they make it through the Horse Portal, leaving the water beast to bark at them through the window of the portal.  Clearly the beast does not know how to cross, which for our two characters (and the horse they are riding) is a good thing.
  • “What was that thing?” the man asks.
  • “I don’t know.” she replies.

Dream – Night of 2014-11-20

Been a while since I’ve had a dream decent enough to log, woke up this morning to a pretty good one:

  • I meet a blonde-haired blue-eyed girl in a writing class, Alina.
  • She is from Russia.
  • Write a script together for an assignment.
  • We end up seeing each other more, going on dates, etc.
  • Dinner at an Italian restaurant on the patio, wine, sunset.  And afterwards we race up the stone stairs outside the restaurant.
  • Months go by.
  • We are at some park in the city, there is an outdoor event.  There is a river nearby, and a huge grassy lawn with people listening to a classical orchestra.  Everyone has blankets, coolers, etc…picnic supplies.  The music drifts over the crowd.
  • We dance together, making fools of ourselves but not caring.  At the end of the song we fall down into the grass back at our picnic spot laughing. We are, without a doubt, big time in love.
  • But then she gets a scared look on her face.
  • She starts to run away and I chase her.
  • “Alina! What’s wrong?” I yell.  But she pays no heed.
  • She reaches the water’s edge and starts to swim for the other side.  She is an amazing swimmer I realize.  There’s no way I will catch her but I try anyway.
  • I see her reach the other side and run up the hill towards some buildings.
  • I finally reach the other side, and run up the same way she did but she is gone.
  • It is a 4-way intersection with city buildings on each side.
  • She is nowhere to be seen.
  • I search for hours.  Calling her name and asking people on the street.  Nothing.
  • I return to the park and search there. Nothing.
  • I search over the next few days everywhere I can think but don’t find anything.
  • A bunch of time passes (months I guess?).  I am back at the park and see a Life Guard station (as in the main house where all the guards live, not the chair at the beach). It actually looked like a Coast Guard Station House, but I guess this was as close as my brain could get to what a Life Guard House would look like.  I decide to go ask them if they have seen Alina.
  • I walk up the steps to ask this group of people if they have seen her.  I start to describe her, “Blue eyes, blonde hair, etc..”  They all apologize saying they haven’t seen her.
  • I thank them and turn away which is when I see a towel hanging from the railing.  It is blue with white stripes and I realize it’s her towel.  I remember now that she had taken it with her when she ran! (somehow this towel is unique enough that I know without a doubt that it is hers)
  • I whirl back to the small crowd assembled on the stairs to the house. “That’s her towel!” I exclaim while pointing at the towel. “Hers!  She’s here!” I start shouting her name and one of the lifeguards in the back gets up and runs inside.  As she does I realize I was a fool, she was sitting there all along but her hair had been dyed brown instead of its normal almost-white blonde.
  • I chase after her inside and we are in a kitchen.  She backs away from me, terrified.  She ends up in the corner of the room and falls to the ground crying, trying to get further away but unable.
  • “Alina.  It’s me.” I plead as I slowly enter the room, “Don’t you remember me?”
  • She clearly doesn’t, I can see that.  How can she not remember me I think to myself, but then I realize that I didn’t immediately recognize her either.  How long has it been?
  • I start to tell her all the things from our past, writing class, the dates, dancing in the park.
  • A light of recognition enters her eyes, she looks up at me and she whispers, “The script.  We wrote a script together.”
  • “Yes!”
  • As the full set of memories comes back to her she gets up and runs to me, wrapping me up in an interlocked hug with her head in my neck and begins to weep.
  • “I was so scared.” she says.  “I saw him there and then he was after me, and the only thing I knew to do was run.”
  • “It’s ok.” I say, “He’s not here now.” I reply.
  • “No, you don’t understand.  He’s still here in the city, looking for me.  I need to leave.”
  • “Well then I’m coming with you.” I reply.
  • “To Russia?” she asks.
  • “Yes.”
  • “You would do this?  For me?”
  • “Absolutely I will.”
  • “Ok, but first we need to rescue my brother.  He is in a school here, but it has fences.”
  • I am confused at first, but then realize she means the junior detention facility (I forget what they’re really called).
  • Well, I think to myself.  This should be a snap, how hard could it be to get someone out of Juvie?
  • “Ok, ” I say, “I will get your brother and then we will all leave together”
  • “Yes, thank you!”, a look of immense relief appears on her face, and new tears, the good kind, begin to fall.  She hugs me tighter and kisses me.

The scene fades away and then fades back in with me and a police officer standing outside a huge concrete wall with razor wire on top.  Outside of this wall is a smaller chain-link fence (which is at most what I was expecting).

  • This is the wall surrounding the juvenile center? I think to myself.
  • I have somehow gotten the police officer into helping me get through the wall into the center, but I can’t remember how, or why.  I remember we both had reasons, perhaps he has someone he needs to rescue too?  In any case, I think to myself, we need to get in here.
  • [the dream is beginning to fall apart now since it is losing continuity, but I still remember pieces]
  • The officer walks up to the outer fence, in which there is a door with a number lock on it (the kind you would press the “code” to get in).  This fence is outside the big concrete wall and is just normal chain-link.
  • “We can just climb over?” I say.  But then I realize the officer is quite portly.
  • “No.” he replies and gets some sort of weird-looking gun out of his pocket.
  • He shoots it at the lock and sparks begin to fly.  Ohhh, I think to myself, a taser.  I guess that works too!
  • The officer gives me an admonishing look and walks up to it.
  • “Open it.” he says.  Pointing it the door handle, next to which is a computerized lock which has been blasted open, wires spill out and circuit boards are visible inside of the lock’s open panel.
  • I think for a second and then instead of grabbing the door handle I take a stick and lay it across the handle and the broken lock’s panel.  When the stick touches both the door and lock the electrical connection is completed, sparks fly across as the final energy from the taser is released (maybe it had been stored in the capacitors of the lock mechanism?).
  • The officer gives me a look.  Was that of approval or something else?  Had he known about the shock and was hoping I would get electrocuted instead?
  • The officer opens the door and steps through to the concrete wall ahead of us, and I follow him through.

There are bits and pieces that follow this, but I was clearly waking up at this point.  As I woke up I thought “noooooo” and immediately tried to go back to sleep (which never works of course).

My alarm hadn’t even gone off yet and I wanted to see how this dream ended.  How did I rescue the brother?  Was this cop really trying to help me or not?  And do me and Alina finally escape this man from her past that is chasing her?  So many questions!

But now it is nearly 8:10 and I have to get up and go to work…

Dream – Night of 2014-10-13

  • Paddling down river
    • Curves and loops
    • Last corner see ocean
    • Taste water – “It’s definitely the ocean, water is getting salty.”
    • Make it to beach.  Go swimming but keep accidentally getting PFD on.
  • Swimming Pool Laps
    • Race K
    • Keep losing because my arms hit stuff, or lane is too narrow and arm hits pool “gutter”
  • Band Girl Setting Up on stage
    • “Weren’t you here this morning?”
    • “Yeah, we were here to wait around to look at a house.” (which ended up turning into the river trip to the ocean.)
  • Movie Premiere
    • Couches are empty. “Journalists” out in lobby don’t take seats.  Invite to Band Girl could would have been room.
    • Fireplace has smouldering logs.
    • Joke about how journlists will review the movie as awesome without having seen it “Food was great, as was the roaring fire!  The at-capacity seating…”

Dream – Night of 2014-10-11

I Am The One

  • Two brothers in bunk beds.
  • One declares “dude…I think I am the one.” (a la Matrix).
  • As soon as he says that, a blue shimmery “force field” surrounds him.
  • Other brother says “yeah right”.
  • Brother one says “No, watch, I’ll prove it to you.  I can fly.  Push me off the balcony.”
  • They both go over to the balcony which is a wooden rickety structure like the one in Life of Brian.
  • Brother 2 pushed brother 1.  As soon as he does the blue glow transfers to the brother who pushed.  The other one tumbles off the balcony, not understanding what just happened.
  • I realize what to do.  So I touch the brother still on the balcony, and now I am The One!
  • I take off flying and bomb around the city blasting through buildings and stuff.

The Game

  • Computer game.  The mission is to protect this woman from men who are trying to assassinate her.
  • In this city where there are tons of people.  Every once in a while a man dashes out of the crowd with a gun and you have to try to shoot him.
  • After a while the security group goes faster and I can’t keep up, so I cut a corner trying to reach them, but miss.
  • I am crossing a bride trying to get back to the group when on of the assassins rushes past me.  He is too fast and I miss him.  He can also run faster then me and I am unable to pursue.
  • End Dream

Dream – Night of 2014-10-09

This was a pretty cool one:

this is new

  • In some sort of casino or possibly a mall with a Japanese girl, and we have apparently been friends for a long time.
  • She has lost her job and is crying that she’ll have no money to live.  She has to find a new job.
  • She runs away and I chase after her.  Only seeing glimpses of her as she rounds corner after corner.
  • I finally find her in a restaurant (pretty sure it was a Friendly’s).  She is kneeling on the floor in front of a booth containing a family of four.  She is pleading for a job from them.
  • I grab her to console her and walk her away and try to stop her sobbing.
  • We make our way back to the hallways of this mall and she stops where a group of five or more people have also stopped and are looking at the ceiling.
  • One of the tiles from the ceiling lifts away and a man’s head appears in its place.
  • The crowd starts throwing money at him and in return he takes down notes on a pad of paper.  The girl I am with looks at me with a mixed expression of fear and excitement and says “I have to!”  She opens up her purse which is hanging around her neck and takes out the last of her money.  She wads it up and tosses it up to the man in the ceiling.
  • The tile gets replaced and everybody stands around waiting.
  • After a short while the man returns and starts handing wads of cash to some of the people.  Aha!  I think to myself, this is some sort of strange way to gamble.
  • A gigantic wad of cash is given to the girl, hundreds of thousands of dollars!  This will set us both up for life!
  • That’s fine and dandy, but first we need to make ourselves blend in and get away because what we just did was apparently highly illegal.
  • I grab some food on a tray from a cafeteria and follow her over to some seats in an upper terrace.
  • On the way our gambling receipt blows off my tray of food.  This is not good.
  • I try to track it down only to have it blow into a pile of other papers surrounding a trash can.
  • Before I can find it someone else does. An old Japanese lady.
  • The receipt has our names on it I remember.
  • She begins pointing at the two of us and yelling.  I can’t tell what she’s saying, but I already know.  “Those two are the ones that won all that money!  Get them.  Call the police!”
  • We dash around the corner trying to find a place to hide.  We crash through some doors onto a balcony with a staircase leading down four stories to a road below.  The stairway has no corners or kinks, just one long set of steps down against the side of the building.
  • Unfortunately we can already see police starting to congregate looking for the illegal gamblers.  there is no escape down that path.
  • We turn and go back inside and see a bunch of men running into the men’s room.  We recognize some of them from the same group that we gambled with.
  • “Comon!” I say.
  • We both enter the bathroom and she runs for a stall to hide in.
  • I talk to the doorman at the front of the bathroom.  “Do you have any hair dye?” I ask.  “Something to change black hair into something else?”
  • “Sure any of these” he says while passing his hand over this odd-looking panel of buttons.  “Or you could just use the soap. That works too.”
  • I call for the girl to come over.  She exits the stall and joins me at the front of the bathroom.
  • She starts putting the soap in her hair, and it sort of works, but there are only highlights appearing, not the desired total hair color change we were looking for.
  • She asks me to do it for her, and I oblige.  But I must have used too much because her hair goes completely white and then starts to melt and fall out.  I watch in horror as her once long black hair falls in clumps to the ground and starts smoking.  “What is this stuff?” I think to myself.
  • The clumps on the floor actually start to burn from the heat of the chemical reaction happening.
  • The doorman seems unfazed, as if this happens every day (“It probably does.” I think to myself).  All he does is grab a hose to try and put the fire out, but since it is a chemical file it does little but to spread the flames around.

This is where the dream ended.  If I were to turn this into a story I would back up a bit and continue with my first thoughts after I woke up.  In this revised ending:

  • The hair dye works perfect and we get the light brown or whatever color we were looking for.  I also use a pair of scissors to cut her waist-length hair up past her shoulders.  It’s not a great haircut, but it will serve our purposes.  (Edit: I suppose I need to do something about my looks as well, perhaps I also dye my hair, or shave it off or something).
  • As soon as we finish trimming her hair we hear police closing in. We need to hide.  The doorman sweeps away the hair into a wastebasket and we both dash into one of the stalls together.  We put down the seat on the toilet and both climb on top (to hide our feet from police should they peer underneath).
  • The police start searching the stalls one by one, and we hear them check the one next to us.  When they finish (we hear the stall door closing), we silently get down, crawl under the middle divider to the stall they just checked and perform the same feat of getting up on the toilet seat cover (thankfully the seat was already down in this one).
  • Ahh, I forgot to mention, there is fairly loud music playing in the bathroom, this helps us crawl under the stalls without the police hearing.
  • The police finish their search, satisfied that “the gamblers” are not in here, and leave to search the rest of the building.
  • We wait a while, exit the stall, give the doorman a gigantic tip, and slip out into the crowded mall.

Dream – Night of 2014-09-19

  • College dorm
  • ground floor
  • one entire wall is a window
  • window continues underground so that I can see the dirt and stone below, kind of like a giant ant farm.
  • snakes everywhere falling through from the grass above in front of the glass and then disappearing into the building foundation.  “I should get someone to look at that”, I think to myself.   There are copperheads and even a giant yellow python that goes on forever as it slithers by.
  • There are also channels with water from recent rains (was raining this night for real).  They go up, down, mostly at right angles, and are flowing with a stream.
  • all kinds of critters use the water channels for transport including a school of yellow fish that I see go fluttering by.