Dream – Night of 2019-03-12

  • Me and my brother are in some sort of fairgrounds / village / castle / cliffs
  • We find these flying machines we can use and start flying around this map, going in and out of gullies, up to the tops of waterfalls, etc
  • We find another place that rents the same thing and try those out too
  • My brother asks if these have the super-speed button like the other ones did and the operators says that they do.
  • These new ones are launched off a ramp at the top of a cliff. We launch and fly around some more.
  • After, we get together with a bunch of friends and are discussing the day’s events
  • At this point in the dream I realize I’m dreaming, and that the conversation is really good dialog
  • “This whole thing is going to make such a great story” I think to myself in the dream.
  • Then I get worried that I will wake up before the dream ends. I don’t want that to happen because this is such a cool dream.
  • And THEN I get worried that having that thought in the dream will make me wake up (which it usually does)
  • But I don’t wake up. We leave this restaurant or whatever it is we’re at and me, my brother, and some other guy decide to have a flying competition back down to where we started
  • I again get worried, this time that I won’t be able to fly since I usually can’t if I’m aware I’m dreaming
  • But I can. I am able to keep up with the other guy who is going super fast through small alleys
  • We have to go way up high to go over some arch which is part of the course, and then race down to the finish line
  • I end up just a tiny bit after him in second place.
  • I think “Ok, I guess I can wake up now.”

Which I do, and think, “I need to write that down”. But instead I end up falling back to sleep

  • I’m in a new dream now, writing down the previous dream.
  • I’m amazed at all the detail I am able to bring back.
  • I read back over what I wrote. It’s a printed copy and it’s perfect. The dialog is exactly as I remember it.

Then I wake up again and think, oh man, I can’t believe I was able to get it all that close! I seriously need to write that down…and then I fall asleep again…

  • Dreaming again and I go back to read my transcription. It’s completely illegible now. The text has a single word written over and over again except for people’s names.
  • “No!” I think, I’ll never get all those details back.

Then I wake up a final time and it’s 9:00am, which is when I should normally leave for work, not get up. So I have to run into the shower.