Dream – Night of 2018-10-22

  • In an old house with my mother and father
  • I’m playing around with new painting software on the computer
  • I realize the software can paint whatever I’m thinking
  • As I touch the stylus pen to the screen, the part of the image that I’m thinking appears
  • I create a house, windows, a shingled roof, tress outside, a red sunset behind it.
  • I use another tool in the software menu and the image morphs into something completely different.  I use undo and the original image appears. I realize I can navigate between images using the undo and redo menus items.
  • The computer monitor gets bigger and bigger, and soon completely envelops me and everyone in the room.
  • My mother and father are with me inside this image that I’ve created. It’s a completely new reality.
  • We decide to let the images do whatever they want, to see where they go.
  • Every few seconds a new scene appears, and it gets more and more real.  I realize there are other elements you can control by touching things in certain scenes.  It’s like a video game.  Touching a rock in one scene activates the “Undo” feature and brings back the scene before it. We realize that with enough time would could learn how to navigate back and forth between scenes / realities.
  • At one point we are sitting in a cafe, outside is a city street like in one of those cyberpunk rainy city images:Image result for cyberpunk city photo rain
  •  We walk outside and there is a wall of tv screens each playing a different possible scene.
  • My dad points at one and a white neon line appears around it, the others dim.
  • The scene envelops us and becomes the new reality.
  • We watch as a young boy is playing video games in his bedroom.
  • His mother calls from somewhere else in the house, “You you like your new video game?”
  • “No, it’s scary.” the boy replies.
  • Behind the boy is the tv the game was being played on.  A grim reaper in ragged black clothes appears on the screen, comes half way out of the TV, grabs the boy and drags him backwards into the TV.

    Image result for grim reaper
    Was not as scary as this, but this is the closest image I could find. The one in the dream was shrouded more in a ragged cloth cape/tunic.
  •  The two disappear.  We hear the boy crying for help and wailing that “This isn’t fair.” The last thing we see is the reaper flying from left to right across the screen, carrying the boy underneath him.
  • We dive into the tv screen to go save the boy.