Dream – Night of 2014-04-08

  • Me and a group of people are in some sort of camp with a plane.  I think we’ve been here some time.  Perhaps trying to get the plane to work.
  • We take off.  I am sitting next to a girl who might be my girlfriend or something.  In any case I fall asleep leaning my head in the space between her elbow and ribs.
  • By the way, this is a plane piloted by none other than Denzel Washington (clearly a reference to FlightI).   
  • I wake up and the plane is in a vertical dive. After a while we level out and  crash-land into some sort of lagoon.  We skip across the water, as we slow the nose of the plane torpedoes under the water and for a few seconds you can see out the front cockpit windows to the shallow bottom.  There is green seaweed and stuff floating around.  It has that dark brown color of lake water stained by the tannins from leaves.
  • The plane pops back up and the plane has rotated 90 degrees left, so only the right-hand emergency door is above water.
  • Pilot pops open the door (in the world apparently that can happen).
  • We all unbuckle our seat belts as water begins rushing into the plane.
  • Soon the plane is underwater and we have to hold our breath and swim for the door.  All but a few make it out.
  • One of the ones that didn’t make it was the girl who was sitting next to me, and I keep going back to search for her.  Other people are saying “give it up dude”.
  • Then I notice I can hear Meshuggah playing.  It is very faint.
  • I start moving around trying to see where it gets louder, and finally trace it to some sand dunes maybe 100 yards from the “main camp” that is starting.
  • The girl and two others are hiding up in the reeds.  “We’re going back for the guns” they say.
  • Apparently it’s just a short walk, because soon we are walking back with the guns.  But unfortunately someone, or something, sees us.  It follows us.
  • Fast forward some unknown amount of time and we’ve actually built an entire new civilization, the crowning achievement of which is a giant tower with steps leading up to it.  The steps up to the tower are lined with coffee beans, and at the top are some narrow slits in the stone.
  • “Don’t let the coffee beans get too close!  You’ll let him out” some lady says.
  • I continue smoothing the coffee beans out so that they are flush with the steps.  I work my way to the bottom of the steps, smoothing as I go.
  • As I turn left I can see that we’ve actually built streets with shops and everything.  In my dream I think to myself “I find it highly unlikely that a plane-full of random people built this.”

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