Old Friend, Vampires and a Magic Forest

From the morning of February 1st


Had a cool dream about vampires:

  • Being chased through a flooded town.  Lots of people were vampires, just not sure who.
  • Hide underneath a car, but something large lands on top of it, crushing the car into the mud (a la Jurassic Park)
  • I punch up through the floor of the car, hoping to kill the vampire I guess, but I hit the transmission fluid line by mistake.  The fluid then starts running over my face and I get some in my mouth (it also happens to look a lot like blood, not sure if I knew it was transmission fluid in the dream.)
  • Dream switches to a mall scene.  I’m running through the hallways trying to get to an electronics store.
  • I finally get to the store and find someone I know, a powerful vampire, waiting for me.
  • He asks if I drank the transmission fluid.  I realize that he wants to know because it determines weather or not he can bite me.
  • I play coy and say “maybe, maybe not”.
  • He decides to bite me and immediately turns has a blue glow around him.
  • He frantically searches around the store, consuming other vampires that were there.  This keeps him alive.  However, he soon runs out of other vampires to kill and dissolves into nothing.
  • The entire mall goes crazy, realizing that the “big head vampire” is dead.
  • Immediate chaos and looting ensues.

The Old Friend

This was a very short dream.  I was playing with my old dog Ena.  Good times!

The Magic Forest

  • I’m running through a forest, in Maine I believe.  But there’s also an abandoned building that looks familiar.  It  is on the side of a river and is old, and beaten.  I think I’ve seen the building before (in the dream).  It looks like it belongs on a deep-south river or something.  There’s probably crocs in the water.
  • I’m back on the trail in the forest and realize that we’re climbing.  My aunt Laurel is there and we come out into the large path heading up a steep mountain.
  • Flowers start to bloom all along the trail around us.  It looks like one of those stop-motion films of spring where the flowers pop out from nothing to full-bloom in ten seconds.  They’re also very pastel and bright primary colors.
  • The dream switches to an overhead camera shot and I can see that this is happening all along the trail, both in front and behind us.
  • Even where there are large boulders they soon become mountains of vegetation.
  • I have my camera, but every time I try to take a picture of one of the flowers or plants that is growing, the color fades out of the viewfinder.  No joy!
  • We take a left between two especially large rock-hill-things and we find ourselves back at the building on the water.  Except this time it is full of people and candle-driven yellow light, and a large feast.