Dream – 2021-09-09

  • In firefight.
  • 2 person team with “Leader” who has on ghillie suit with sniper rifle.
  • Underground complex
  • Under a lake
  • Setting up ambush for enemy in tunnels
  • No good cover where I am
  • Move to new spot higher
  • Hear charges go off
  • Think we got em
  • See shadows of tons of dudes marching towards us
  • Leader says maybe check on objective 1.2
  • Run to exit to next objective and exit
  • Cut off! There are more dudes coming down another passage
  • Climb a nearby ladder into control room
  • Video screens and computers everywhere
  • Glass wall windows looking down into big room below, like a giant hangar or maybe turbine room of a dam.
  • Leader says, “Fuck this, we’re going out right! Let’s crank some tunes!”
  • What should we play?
  • “Blues.” he says.
  • Leader goes over to a control panel and starts hitting buttons. Finally an old blues song plays cranked on speakers in room and the entire complex outside the windows as enemy moves in to the control tower.
  • Can see enemy getting close on monitors.
  • We set a self-destruct timer for two minutes.
  • Voice counting down.

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