Dream – Night of 2014-08-19

School bus trip with a bunch of people, driver taking weird back roads with one of them flooded, but we make it through and down another steep hill.  We finally come out of the woods we’ve been driving through to find it opens onto large swaths of soccer fields and football fields. Finally get there. Aha! It’s a high school.

We all pile off the bus and the camera switches to an interview of Andy from The Office.  Oh, I guess this dream is going to turn into an Office episode.

Andy Interview: “I pretty much led them through the whole thing, so the only thing they heard for an hour was “turn here, turn here.  So I’m, pretty sure I showed my leadership abilities there.”

Back to the first-person camera and we go sit in one of those plastic half-seats.  Something is wrong, this is not the art class/exhibit we were supposed to go see.  This room is full of high school students, leave. We see Jim in the main entryway of the school. “Hey Jim, what room are we in?”

Jim: This one.

We go back into the same room we just left.

Jim asks one of the kids: “Is this room 141?”

Apathetic kid just stares at Jim and shakes his head.

Jim: Comon…let’s go.

On the way out we see the room is “41”, not “141”

Jim: How was I supposed to know this was one of those buildings where room 101 is on the second floor?

We run up the stairs. on the way I say to Jim:

“I didn’t think that was an art class, it sounded a lot like history. I mean, I wasn’t 100% sure though, could’ve gone either way”

Jim laughs.

We are on the second floor running through a library when Jim stops as a table full of stuff. It’s all stuff donated by people for the library/school to sell. One is a large pink doll house.

Jim: Oh my god, this is my neighbor’s kid’s doll house. Cici would love this…look it’s just like my family!”  Jim fiddles with some of the play people.  “Wow, what do you say to that?”

Dwight arrives: I don’t know, how about “I’m sorry”?

Dwight tries to put Jim in a headlock but misses because Jim ducks to pick something up. Dwight tries again but misses when Jim starts to run through the library for the art show again.