Dream – Night of 2014-10-09

This was a pretty cool one:

this is new

  • In some sort of casino or possibly a mall with a Japanese girl, and we have apparently been friends for a long time.
  • She has lost her job and is crying that she’ll have no money to live.  She has to find a new job.
  • She runs away and I chase after her.  Only seeing glimpses of her as she rounds corner after corner.
  • I finally find her in a restaurant (pretty sure it was a Friendly’s).  She is kneeling on the floor in front of a booth containing a family of four.  She is pleading for a job from them.
  • I grab her to console her and walk her away and try to stop her sobbing.
  • We make our way back to the hallways of this mall and she stops where a group of five or more people have also stopped and are looking at the ceiling.
  • One of the tiles from the ceiling lifts away and a man’s head appears in its place.
  • The crowd starts throwing money at him and in return he takes down notes on a pad of paper.  The girl I am with looks at me with a mixed expression of fear and excitement and says “I have to!”  She opens up her purse which is hanging around her neck and takes out the last of her money.  She wads it up and tosses it up to the man in the ceiling.
  • The tile gets replaced and everybody stands around waiting.
  • After a short while the man returns and starts handing wads of cash to some of the people.  Aha!  I think to myself, this is some sort of strange way to gamble.
  • A gigantic wad of cash is given to the girl, hundreds of thousands of dollars!  This will set us both up for life!
  • That’s fine and dandy, but first we need to make ourselves blend in and get away because what we just did was apparently highly illegal.
  • I grab some food on a tray from a cafeteria and follow her over to some seats in an upper terrace.
  • On the way our gambling receipt blows off my tray of food.  This is not good.
  • I try to track it down only to have it blow into a pile of other papers surrounding a trash can.
  • Before I can find it someone else does. An old Japanese lady.
  • The receipt has our names on it I remember.
  • She begins pointing at the two of us and yelling.  I can’t tell what she’s saying, but I already know.  “Those two are the ones that won all that money!  Get them.  Call the police!”
  • We dash around the corner trying to find a place to hide.  We crash through some doors onto a balcony with a staircase leading down four stories to a road below.  The stairway has no corners or kinks, just one long set of steps down against the side of the building.
  • Unfortunately we can already see police starting to congregate looking for the illegal gamblers.  there is no escape down that path.
  • We turn and go back inside and see a bunch of men running into the men’s room.  We recognize some of them from the same group that we gambled with.
  • “Comon!” I say.
  • We both enter the bathroom and she runs for a stall to hide in.
  • I talk to the doorman at the front of the bathroom.  “Do you have any hair dye?” I ask.  “Something to change black hair into something else?”
  • “Sure any of these” he says while passing his hand over this odd-looking panel of buttons.  “Or you could just use the soap. That works too.”
  • I call for the girl to come over.  She exits the stall and joins me at the front of the bathroom.
  • She starts putting the soap in her hair, and it sort of works, but there are only highlights appearing, not the desired total hair color change we were looking for.
  • She asks me to do it for her, and I oblige.  But I must have used too much because her hair goes completely white and then starts to melt and fall out.  I watch in horror as her once long black hair falls in clumps to the ground and starts smoking.  “What is this stuff?” I think to myself.
  • The clumps on the floor actually start to burn from the heat of the chemical reaction happening.
  • The doorman seems unfazed, as if this happens every day (“It probably does.” I think to myself).  All he does is grab a hose to try and put the fire out, but since it is a chemical file it does little but to spread the flames around.

This is where the dream ended.  If I were to turn this into a story I would back up a bit and continue with my first thoughts after I woke up.  In this revised ending:

  • The hair dye works perfect and we get the light brown or whatever color we were looking for.  I also use a pair of scissors to cut her waist-length hair up past her shoulders.  It’s not a great haircut, but it will serve our purposes.  (Edit: I suppose I need to do something about my looks as well, perhaps I also dye my hair, or shave it off or something).
  • As soon as we finish trimming her hair we hear police closing in. We need to hide.  The doorman sweeps away the hair into a wastebasket and we both dash into one of the stalls together.  We put down the seat on the toilet and both climb on top (to hide our feet from police should they peer underneath).
  • The police start searching the stalls one by one, and we hear them check the one next to us.  When they finish (we hear the stall door closing), we silently get down, crawl under the middle divider to the stall they just checked and perform the same feat of getting up on the toilet seat cover (thankfully the seat was already down in this one).
  • Ahh, I forgot to mention, there is fairly loud music playing in the bathroom, this helps us crawl under the stalls without the police hearing.
  • The police finish their search, satisfied that “the gamblers” are not in here, and leave to search the rest of the building.
  • We wait a while, exit the stall, give the doorman a gigantic tip, and slip out into the crowded mall.