Solitary Man

C – Am – F – G

I got my first allergy
Somethin’ bad happened to me
I think it’s somethin’ you’ll understand

Makin’ dinner for one
Lord knows it ain’t no fun
Drinkin’ my beer all alone

[F] I never thought I’d [G] see
The [C] day where I would [Am] be
[F] I’m doin’ the best I [G] can
As a solitary [C] man

Footsteps sound so loud
When you’re the only one around
And the fridge just won’t quit

Thunderstorms are much less fun
When you’re the only one
Countin’ down the time


I got a garbage can
I got pots and pans
One of everything

I got a ceiling fan
for a solitary man
None of which I need

[chorus] (repeat last line)