Dream – Night of 2014-10-11

I Am The One

  • Two brothers in bunk beds.
  • One declares “dude…I think I am the one.” (a la Matrix).
  • As soon as he says that, a blue shimmery “force field” surrounds him.
  • Other brother says “yeah right”.
  • Brother one says “No, watch, I’ll prove it to you.  I can fly.  Push me off the balcony.”
  • They both go over to the balcony which is a wooden rickety structure like the one in Life of Brian.
  • Brother 2 pushed brother 1.  As soon as he does the blue glow transfers to the brother who pushed.  The other one tumbles off the balcony, not understanding what just happened.
  • I realize what to do.  So I touch the brother still on the balcony, and now I am The One!
  • I take off flying and bomb around the city blasting through buildings and stuff.

The Game

  • Computer game.  The mission is to protect this woman from men who are trying to assassinate her.
  • In this city where there are tons of people.  Every once in a while a man dashes out of the crowd with a gun and you have to try to shoot him.
  • After a while the security group goes faster and I can’t keep up, so I cut a corner trying to reach them, but miss.
  • I am crossing a bride trying to get back to the group when on of the assassins rushes past me.  He is too fast and I miss him.  He can also run faster then me and I am unable to pursue.
  • End Dream