I Need a Stiff Drink

(written by Chris Poirier and Andrew Beardsley)

Had a beer, just aint feeling right
Wont get me in jail, get me in a fight
Wont make me fall asleep somewhere I don’t know
Wake up in the morning Wearing all my clothes

How Many, How many have you had
How Many, Still Feeling Sad
I need a Stiff Drink
I need a Stiff Drink
I need a Stiff Drink Tonight

Ordered another Draft , Put It on my tab
Won’t end up throwing up or Hailing a Cab
Won’t make me grab the microphone or Start to Dance
Won’t Make me ask her If I Have a Chance


Hey Bartender, I’ll Have another Pint
Sure as hell Wont, Get Shut Off Tonight
Won’t End Up Yelling, “The Bouncer is a Jerk”
Won’t End up Sleeping In and Calling in to Work


Another Round of Pitchers for me and my Friends
We’ll be here all Night Long, Till The End
Won’t End Up On The Steps Talking to a Girl so Fine
Won’t Buy her friends a Shot or a Bottle of Wine


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