I think I never learned how to spell “visible” until I started programming. I probably always spelled it “visable.” Now, after setting the “visible” property of so many controls I’ve become pretty good at typing out “visible”.

Just thought I’d mention that. lol

IIS – Visual Studio 2003 – .NET

Well, I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I recently worked on a Windows XP laptop that was freshly rebuilt. Classic ASP pages worked fine, as did .NET aspx pages.

However, suddenly IIS stopped being able to serve classic ASP pages (.NET still worked fine). It just returned a “500 Internal Server Error” The symptoms were exactly the same as an article on MSDN, (two events in Event Viewer, one for W3SVC and one for DCOM) but we couldn’t get the suggested fix of making the passwords the same in both the IIS metebase and Windows.

It turned out, the easiest solution was to uninstall and reinstall IIS. It takes about 20 min and you’re done. Take lunch between the two and you barely notice what’s going on.

SourceSafe – Visual Studio – Integration

A while back at work I needed to install the SourceSafe client onto a desktop that had Visual Studio 2003, but not the SourceSafe integration. After a few posts back and forth here at the Microsoft SourceSafe Forum, I was able to come up with a solution.

1) Copied VSS\Win32 directory from sourcesafe server to local client machine in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\Win32.

2) Ran SSINT.exe

3) Opened Visual Studio 2003, opened a project from source control. It works.

4) Deleted everything from the local C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\Win32 except: ssint.exe, mfc70.dll, msvcr70.dll, ssscc.dll, and ssus.dll. This is the same file list that is present on a workstation that had the integration installed from the SourceSafe CD.

5) Opened Visual Studio 2003, checked out a file, checked it back in. Works!

One comment that both the posters stressed is to make sure you have SourceSafe licenses for the machines the machines that you install the integration onto.

First Post

This is the first post on the blogs. Who knows if this’ll get used or not. If not, that’s why they make delete keys.

Here’s a backed-up post from earlyer in the month. I had set up another blog but deleted it in favor of this one. Anyway, here’s theold posts:

Friday – Saturday – Sunday: River Rafting
This was an awesome trip. I drove up to Millinocket Maine and spent the night at a campground. In the morning we headed over to the rafting place to gather our synthetic jackets, life preservers and paddles.
The day starts off with a 13 foot waterfall. The waterfall empties into a large area so the consequences for falling out are pretty low. That’s why I think the company uses this spot to get almost every boat to flip at least once. You might as well see what it’s like now.

The rafting itself is strange. The rapids are unavoidable, you know you’re going through it and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. The horizon line gets closer and the noise from the rushing water gets louder. Then (for me anyway) something strange happens. You go into super concentration mode and before you realize it the rapid is behind you and you can’t remember exactly what it looked like. At least this is what it is like from the perspective of a couple days. Of course the one highlight that will stay fresh in everyone’s minds for a while is Exterminator.

Almost everyone in our raft fell off in the Exterminator Class 5 rapid. Not exactly the goal in a huge boiling cauldren of bron water. Everyone except for one person made it back into the raft, he was forced to navigate the majority of the rapid using only his life jacket. He said later that he thought to himself, “There’s a pretty good chance I could die.” This was absolutely true.

Monday (today): Vacation Day (Victory Day)
Helped install some speakers on Mike’s boat.
RROL practice at Indy – Wrecked out.