Dream – Night of 2014-09-18

Not much to report on here:

  • Went to the moon with friend from work
  • Special new kind of craft
  • A bunch of other people on it, I think it might have been a public vacation” type deal
  • On the lunar surface we come upon the remains of an alien
  • It looks like some sort of reptile, or at least it used to.
  • The body is “deflated” and all that remains are the bones underneath the spacesuit which is now hugging the bones like a ziplock hugs the food inside after being purged of air
  • The rest of the alien’s “fleshy parts” are strewn in front of the suit in what was clearly a violent explosive decompression of body through the suit.  They’re still red and pink but frozen solid.
  • We all get uneasy and crawl back through the portal into our spaceship to return home.