Dream – Night of 2014-5-06

  • Scene opens in a strange walled city.  Everything looks run down, but you can tell that there used to be better times.  Walls are rusty with hastily-repaired steel plates, etc.
  • A young girl is fishing in a rowboat in a river.  The river is small and slow moving, and it runs through the town (you can’t see much further into town, but the river runs up and around a corner).  Downstream, the river takes another turn out of sight when it passes through two high stone walls.
  • It’s getting late, shadows are long.  An alarm bell sing and two gruffy “official” men appear.  Laughing they say, “you know the rules girl.”
  • “But I’m not across the line.” she pleads.
  • They pay no attention and begin dragging her boat downriver by grabbing it from the stone walkway which she was fishing near.  A metal gate appears from the river, rising out of the water.  She is in the other side if it, the wrong side, locked out of town.
  • She is now alone, floating slowly down the river when she lands on a beach.  Crying, she doesn’t know what to do.  An older man appears and grabs her.
  • “Come, we don’t have much time.” he says.
  • They run around the point of a stone cliff and down a hill.  There is a cave there and he pushes her in.
  • “You should be safe in here.” he says.
  • He starts attaching metal bars that snap into slots across the narrow cave “window”.  They look flimsy but he appears certain they will work.
  • After he leaves, the sun is now setting and she inspects her “home” for the night.
  • It is a narrow cave carved into the stone.  There is not much but a table built into one of the walls, a small bed with a blanket, and some strange lights that emit a faint glow from the ceiling.
  • The next day the man reappears.  He has with him a woman dressed in a black dress, the kind that goes around your head (but not quite a burqa).  The woman has with her a daughter as well, but she is even younger than Girl #1.
  • “Comon, let’s get going.” the man says.
  • They leave the cave, all four of them together, and walk out into the red and orange of landscape of sand and stone.
  • The scene changes and the group is wading through shallow water, it it only up to the man’s shins or so.  He is leading them through this large body of water.  It is not moving, so is either a very wide river, or a lake.
  • There is a flurry of motion ahead and a piece of black leathery skin emerges from the water ahead, it has itself coiled around what appears the be the corpse of a cow or goat or something.
  • Just as the man yells for them to be careful, he is taken down.  He is thrashing trying to free himself from whatever creature this is, but he is losing ground.   He is dragged out into deeper water where he disappears. They are paralyzed with fear until girl #1 yells and breaks their trance.  She grabs girl #2 in her arms and yells at the woman to run for a nearby shore.
  • The group, now one woman and two girls, run for shore nearby (why weren’t they walking there to begin with?  Who knows).
  • When they get to safety the woman falls down and three containers fall from the pockets of her dress.  They had coins in them which she is now gathering into her hands.
  • She offers them to girl #1.  Just a few pennies and what appears to be a quarter.
  • “Please, it’s all I have, but I want you to take it.  You saved our lives.”  She presses the coins into girl #1’s hands.
  • Girl #1 starts to hand them back say “no, I can’t possibly.” when she looks at one of the smaller coins. “Oh my God, this is a Perry Nino.  There were only ever five of them ever made!”  She looks over the other coins, and this one, it’s an Eldon.  He was a famous artist who was hired to make a special collection, but he was killed after only making a few of them.  Do you realize what you have here?  These are worth a fortune!”
  • The older woman is astonished.  “Before he died, my husband gave them to me.  He said they were very special but I didn’t realize.”
  • As they gather up the rest of the few coins that had fallen in the grass, they look behind them and realize that the goal of the journey they were on is over the next hill.  A “new town” full of wide streets and shiny houses.  They realize with their new-found wealth they can live long and happy lives in this paradise.

Note:  There was another part of this dream I left out because I couldn’t remember the details.  But after the guy leaves the girl in the cave that first night, another man, but younger and with long “hippy hair” arrives.  He tells the girl that this is his house (the cave) and she says sorry or something but he let’s her stay (because apparently going outside at night in this place means certain death).  Later the girl and the original man are at a store or something when “hippy hair” guy arrives.  When he sees the older guy he freaks out, they apparently know each other and have some sort of bad blood.  Hippy guy takes off running.  Someone asks the older guy “does he know about before?  About the helicopters.”

I left that part out because it didn’t make sense when I woke up, so I just skipped ahead to the “wading through the water scene”.

Also, in the dream the coins were named, but I couldn’t remember what they were, so I used this site to make some up for me: