Sometimes I Feel So Sad

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Sometimes I feel so sad
‘Bout the girlfriend
That I don’t have
Sitting home alone again
I want one by my side
A woman through the night
Sometimes I feel it so strong

And then my friend calls me
Bout the troubles he has had
And suddenly
I don’t feel so bad

She aint ever mean
smells so nice and clean
always wakes up with a smile

Ice skating in the snow
Taking off those winter clothes
Making love by the fire

Put on a sexy dress
Your makeup is a mess
Because we’re kissing in the rain

Buying you new clothes
Manicures and pretty toes
That shade sure looks good on you


She tells me she loves me
Want to meet her family
Watch the sunset on the beach

My thoughts all pretty things
Churchbells and wedding rings
Two kids and a house

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