I Don’t Want to Fight About it Anymore

[C] I coulda been a writer
Or a poet I know for sure
I can [G] write all night, into the day
[C] If I wanted to

But now I sit
Just me and a ciggarette
Makin’ love to the night
And I don’t know why

I’d [G] rather be with someone
who [C] makes me feel at peace
who’ll [G] grab me and hold me
And [C] tell me it’s ok
A [G] woman who’ll be there
When [C] I come home too late
And [D] I don’t want to fight
a[G]bout it anymore

I thought I found a friend
Lonely men always do
We search far and wide
Turn our hearts inside out for you

Can’t you see what I’m tryin’ to say
We howl at the moon
But we don’t mean it
We’d rather come home to you (and we do)