ADAL 1.0.8

ADAL 1.0.8 Changes

CodeGen Logic in seperate assembly. This will make lots of things easier (for me), but most notably it will allow easy creation of other projects that use the ADAL library (like a web-based version).

Option to save password with project file. You shouldn’t be using a high-level account anyway!

Option to prefix “Item” object property names with a string if they are a member of the primary key. This makes knowing what field must be populated for an Insert easy.

I omitted the installer for now until I get the auto-update working right. Who wants to have to uninstall an application when it’s just an update.

Other stuff I can’t remember, it’s been a while since a release.


Coppermine Demo Fixed?

Hi all,

Here’s the link to what I think is a fixed version of the Coppermine 1.3 demo package, which I have called 1.3.1. Here’s what I did to fix, that way someone can tell me if it’ll cause any problems. It seems to work for me, but I’m not a coppermine expert…

  • Start Demo 1.1
  • Attach MySQL Administrator to the MySQL instance, and backup the coppermine database.
  • Stop Demo 1.1
  • Edit Demo1.3 ‘pms_config.ini’ file to not mirror database to local directory.
  • Start Demo 1.3
  • Attach MySQL Administrator to the MySQL instance, and restore the backup from 1.1.
  • Stop the Demo1.3
  • Zip up Demo 1.3 as 1.3.1