Removed Flickr Badge

I used to have the Flickr Badge on the right hand sidebar, but it seemed to be slowing down the blog (I’d frequently see my browser “Waiting for…”). It’s gone now, we’ll see if performance improves.

ADAL v.03

  • Removed VB syntax highlighting until we develop our own.
  • Identifies tables with auto-increment fields and alters the insert to not attempt to insert into that field (would generate a SQL error). The DAL class also sets the ID property of the item passed in to the new auto-incremented value.
  • UPDATE statements now update every field (even the primary keys). This is weird but was needed in order to satisfy cases where every column in the table is part of the primary key (ADAL used to generate invalid code in this case). I suppose this makes the execution of the update statement a little slower, but in the interest of reliability I’m willing to make the sacrifice.
  • Interprets DECIMAL datatype correctly

Now With Options!

  • Options menu item opens options form!
  • Change root namespace (defaults to ADAL)
  • Put the item classes and DAL classes in the same or separate namespaces (Defaults to “Classes” and “DAL”)
  • Customizable stored procedure prefix. This allows you to easily identify which stored procedures belong to the ADAL objects (in case you need to delete either the ADAL or your own it’ll help prevent what I did when I deleted a few custom stored procedures because they all looked the same).
  • Option to generate “GRANT EXECUTE” statements on the stored procedures created. No more “Execute permission denied” errors!
  • Option to include validation code on varchar property gets and sets for length. ADAL throws an exception if you enable this and you try to set an items property with a value that’s too long.

Still With Problems

  • There are still data types (like tinyint that ADAL doesn’t know what to do with). I’ll get to those eventually….

Download: ADAL Version 0.3 

No More Spam & a New CMS

I just downloaded and installed Akismet so hopefully I won’t have to deal with spam any more. We’ll see.

CMS Search
I also checked out some CMS packages yesterday and think the one that looks the best so far is CMS Made Simple It has a nice simple interface that allows me to add new categories, and pages under the categories. It offers links between pages, but does not keep track of what pages are linked to what. So it allows me to delete a page that is being linked to from another, that’s the only part I don’t like so far…

For a free demo of CMS Made Simple, check out

I’ll keep looking on for a CMS, but so far this one’s out front.

Oh Yeah, there’s more

I forgot, there’s more stuff I need to do:

  1. Get a CVS source control solution that works with Visual Studio I believe this will consist of either a local cvs server, or sourceforge projects (and their cvs server). Hopefully I’ll get something like to work so I can connect Visual Studio to cvs and feel like I’m working with VSS.
  2. Finish varnishing my boat’s wood pieces. Also maybe fill the inner cabin with epoxy / filler to make it look nice inside, then I can paint it too.
  3. Change the oil in my truck.
  4. Delete this crappy linux OS.

Bowling Rocks!

I went bowling last night for the first time in…15 years?…my first game really sucked, I even had a couple gutter balls, but my second game was really good.  I had a few strikes, and one set of three strikes in a row.  Don’t tell anyone, but I’m pretty sure it was all luck.

I was starting to feel bad for the guys I was playing against until we played Halo later on in the night (around 1:00am).  They took their bowling frustrations out on me by completly kicking my ass.  Even with major handicaps on their part I was still only getting 8 kills out of 20 or whatever.


I’ve still got my homework list of programming chores for home.  With the nice weather it’s hard to motivate myself to do any programming at home, but the current list is:

  • Fix some of the problems with ADAL
  • Start work on MASS (Multi Author Story System)
  • Start work on Mage (.NET port of coppermine…sort of)
  • Start work on the AGI Application Gateway Interface
  • Maye install an open source CMS on the killfly root (
  • Delete this shitty Linux OS from my laptop and put XP back on.