Bowling Rocks!

I went bowling last night for the first time in…15 years?…my first game really sucked, I even had a couple gutter balls, but my second game was really good.  I had a few strikes, and one set of three strikes in a row.  Don’t tell anyone, but I’m pretty sure it was all luck.

I was starting to feel bad for the guys I was playing against until we played Halo later on in the night (around 1:00am).  They took their bowling frustrations out on me by completly kicking my ass.  Even with major handicaps on their part I was still only getting 8 kills out of 20 or whatever.


I’ve still got my homework list of programming chores for home.  With the nice weather it’s hard to motivate myself to do any programming at home, but the current list is:

  • Fix some of the problems with ADAL
  • Start work on MASS (Multi Author Story System)
  • Start work on Mage (.NET port of coppermine…sort of)
  • Start work on the AGI Application Gateway Interface
  • Maye install an open source CMS on the killfly root (
  • Delete this shitty Linux OS from my laptop and put XP back on.