Political Comments on March 20, 2008


Clinton’s current notion that Michigan voters will be disenfranchised if Obama doesn’t agree to a re-vote in Michigan is ridiculous. Its transparency is so blatantly obvious, how can anyone not see right through it?

  • She didn’t seem very concerned with it back in New Hampshire. (Reference needed: Basically “I don’t see Michigan as making a difference”)
  • Do you think she would be so concerned if she wasn’t in desperate need of those delegates?


  • Not every State has primaries anyway (Which ones?)
  • It’s Michigan’s democratic party that screwed its own voters by moving the primary date.
  • Allowing Michigan and Florida to re-vote or something similar is a typical Democrat reaction. They (Michigan and Florida) broke the rules, and so were penalized. Now we should let them re-vote because “It’s not fair”?


McCain had one of his “Senior Moments” as people call it. Making a misstep involving Iran, Al-Qaeda, and Shiite militants A lot of people say “Oh, that’s just McCain. He doesn’t get bogged down in the details.” I’m sorry, but I think this county has had enough of a president that can’t get facts straight, and who the entire country has to sit cringing during every public appearance. “Oh please don’t let him screw up again” we think collectively to ourselves.


The fallout over Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright still continues, although his speech on Tuesday does seem to have helped, and was seen by many as one of the best speeches made in a long time. However, many supporters of Obama and his pastor say that those types of comments made by Wright are just part of black culture, and black church culture in particular. If you haven’t been to a sermon then you just can’t understand. Why does this make it ok? Just because these types of comments happen inside the context of a church sermon it’s now acceptable? I don’t think so. The good news is that I believe Obama when he says that he doesn’t believe in that type of language either; I certainly hope so.