ADAL 1.0.7

 You can download now, or read and download at the bottom (recommended, lol)

ADAL Version 1.0.7 was released today. Additions and fixes are included are:

– Fixed bug in PopulateFromReader that caused an error when calling the SELECT method of DAL objects. The call to PopulateFromReader was not inside a Do While Reader.Read.

– Supports SQL Server IMAGE and MONEY datatypes. Image is mapped to a Byte array on the .NET side.

– Added detection of IsNullable and IsComputed when building the DAL.

– IsComputed detection is used to fix the bug that resulted when ADAL tried to update computed columns. Also, the ClassItem object’s property is set to read-only on a computed column. So there is never even the illusion that the end user could try to update that column themselves.

– IsNullable is used to reduce the amount of code generated in the .NET Insert and Update methods.

– We added screenshots to the SourceForge website too!