ADAL 1.0.5

An official release of ADAL, version 1.0.5 is available form the ADAL download page ( There’s a couple new features in this version, most notably:

  • Uses an .msi installer
  • Has “File Save” and “File Open” commands that write the current configuration to a custom XML file so you can reload the settings you had last.

There’s also a quick bug fix. When a table is all primary keys, ADAL used to generate a “GRANT EXECUTE ON” for the UPDATE stored procedure, even though it didn’t generate the CREATE statement for the update, so it generated a SQL error when you ran the SQL script. This has been fixed.

Plans for the future are:

  • Templating – Develop a templating system so that users can create their own VB code templates that ADAL should generate around. this will be quite hard to get right, so I wouldn’t expect it too soon.
  • Use embedded (but still paramaterized) SQL. This would remove the need to create the stored procedures, which can be nice to keep the use of ADAL fairly simple.
  • Take a look at Paul Kimmel’s Ideas about a Data Acces Layer and see how much of that can be used in ADAL (