ADAL v0.2

ADAL v0.2

ADAL (Auto Data Access Layer) is a utility to generate the stored procedures and .NET classes needed to get up and running with a basic Data Access Layer.


Currently ADAL may be used for free by:

  • Students
  • Government Agencies
  • Educational Institutions

ADAL may not be used:

  • For Commercial purposes
  • By BFFs

v0.2 Means Not Ready for Production

The code that ADAL generates has been tested by me for a total of about 10 minutes.  As such I would not recommend running the tool against a production database.

ADAL does not encrypt its communication with the server, so unless you know the connection between you and the database server is reasonably secure, I wouldn’t use it for databases or data that you are really attached to.  You never know who’s listening to your wire looking for a database username and password to go flying by.

ADAL also has trouble with some datatypes right now, it can generate the Stored Procedures all right, but translating some SQL server datatypes to .NET data types gives it a headache.

Is it Really That Dangerous?

No, but i’m covering my ass.  ADAL itself only issues SELECT statements against the database, you can actually run ADAL with a very low-priviliage account.  It seems that as long as the account is a data-reader, it can get the information it needs.

Of course, ADAL does generate the CREATE statements to DELETE information from your tables.  So if you were careless, you could run one of these stored procedures and delete a row of data.  That’s about the worst that can happen.

How do I use it?

  • Download the ADAL .zip file below, and unzip the .exe inside.
  • Run the .exe.
  • Fill in the server, username, and password.
  • Click Connect
  • Select the database you want to generate a DAL for.
  • Check the tables you want to generate a DAL for
  • Click “Make A DAL!”.
  • Copy the SQL from the “SQL Output” tab into query Analyzer and run it.  Make sure to select the correct database first!
  • Copy the VB code from the “VB Output” tab into a new vb class file in your project.
  • Compile.
  • Have fun.  Enjoy not writing that crap by hand.

How Do I Download?

ADAL v.01

ADAL 0.2


ADAL 0.2

  • Added color highlighting to VB tab.  Only bug is that you have to click in the VB textbox and hit a key to trigger the color highlighting.
  • The account you use to connect with used to require that it have “master” as the default database.  This has been fixed.
  • There is a bug that was introduced as well, there is tome text (“test”)included at the end of each of the VB and SQL code windows.  You’ll have to delete this text before or after you use it.