4 Replies to “Mage – a .NET Image Gallery”

  1. Some off the top of my head:

    – Ratings / most viewed (maybe a hit record that–in the future–maybe used to figure out statistics.

    -Comment Reel

    – Captioning – flickr connectivity?

  2. Yeah, flickr stuff would be cool. Plus, I’ve got (limited) experience with the Flickr API anyway.

    Here’s some I’ve been thinking of:

    – Batch Upload (upload a zip, it decompresses the files for you)
    – Themes / Skinning
    – Super cool Data Access Layer (have to figure out how DotNetNuke does it)
    – Selective Thumbnail quality, sizes, intermediate sizes
    – Can Ajax fit in anywhere?
    – RSS
    – Some sort of web service API
    – Pools like Flickr. Tags. Slideshows. Might as well copy all their cool stuff, lol
    – VB.NET Forms application to upload & manage (the super-cool DAL and business layer should make it easy

  3. Oh….also, a coppermine import utility, since I’ll need that anyway.

    And DOCUMENTATION!!! Actually, maybe I should rename the application “Pedantic” ROTFL Kind if a cool name actually.

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