Dream – Night of 2014-09-19

  • College dorm
  • ground floor
  • one entire wall is a window
  • window continues underground so that I can see the dirt and stone below, kind of like a giant ant farm.
  • snakes everywhere falling through from the grass above in front of the glass and then disappearing into the building foundation.  “I should get someone to look at that”, I think to myself.   There are copperheads and even a giant yellow python that goes on forever as it slithers by.
  • There are also channels with water from recent rains (was raining this night for real).  They go up, down, mostly at right angles, and are flowing with a stream.
  • all kinds of critters use the water channels for transport including a school of yellow fish that I see go fluttering by.

Dream – Night of 2014-09-18

Not much to report on here:

  • Went to the moon with friend from work
  • Special new kind of craft
  • A bunch of other people on it, I think it might have been a public vacation” type deal
  • On the lunar surface we come upon the remains of an alien
  • It looks like some sort of reptile, or at least it used to.
  • The body is “deflated” and all that remains are the bones underneath the spacesuit which is now hugging the bones like a ziplock hugs the food inside after being purged of air
  • The rest of the alien’s “fleshy parts” are strewn in front of the suit in what was clearly a violent explosive decompression of body through the suit.  They’re still red and pink but frozen solid.
  • We all get uneasy and crawl back through the portal into our spaceship to return home.

Dream – Night of 2014-09-10

Big Dream #1

My cousin and her husband, a musician duo, were invited to open for some Hollywood comedy awards show. The three of us arrived in Hollywood and went to the venue (one of those theaters that they do awards shows in).

They played a couple songs and then said “Thank you everybody, that’s all for us, but stick around because there’s a lot more show coming up.”

So while they go off stage I talk to Jack Black for a while, and someone else…maybe the guy that plays Ray Ramanoe’s brother. Anyway, the second act starts and it’s Teller (from Penn and Teller) and Seinfeld doing this back and forth comedy bit where one guy sets up the joke and the other finishes it.

They start off slow but start getting smoother and smoother. The back and forth jokes switch to more of the same lines said over and over. Then suddenly it starts to sound musical which is my cousin and her husband come back on stage and join in.

Haha! Surprise everyone! Crowd goes wild while the four of them play this song together.

Big Dream #2

I was up on an Island with family and my uncle was taking a bunch of people out on a boat for a joyride. My dad and I were in small dinghies down by the bow of the boat helping with the lines or something. My uncle went to nudge the stern of the boat away from the dock by using the two engines, one in reverse and one in forward, only to have the bow hit the dinghy I was in and wedge it against the dock.

I was in no danger, but this prevented the boat from rotating and it caused the stern to hit some rocks or something. The boat became disabled and floated out into some larger body of water where it became stuck in the sand and they had to wait for the Coast Guard or someone else to arrive and tow them back in.

My uncle came back while everybody else had to wait on the boat and said something like “Well if this isn’t just perfect.  What a day this has been.  Oh man.”  He then set about moving stuff around in some storage shed, probably to fashion something to help get the boat unstuck.  My dad and I found some tractors and started riding those around the pier.  Troublemakers!

Pretty cool dreams. I also had dreams that:

  • I was looking for a house in Colorado, but there were only four for sale in the entire state, and none were close to mountains.
  • I switched apartments with two friends in my apartment complex, but forgot to move almost all my stuff or tell the apartment office.
  • I recorded a song and then submitted it to some professional review site for critique. After implementing his suggestions (swapped out some chords and implemented the “Moibius Technique” whatever that is supposed to be) it sounded amazing.